SSK Enterprises

SSK Enterprises is the principle trading arm of the SSK Group. SSK Enterprises hold exclusive agency and distribution agreements with OEMs to sell, market and service various products in the UAE. The diversified company offers products and services to both public and private sector customers, as well as members of the general public, and is a recognised player in the local market.

SSK Enterprises comprises of seven self-contained business divisions, each with its own dedicated team of professionals. The seven divisions are:

  • Leisure Division

    Leisure Division

    Our Leisure Division endeavours to deliver a fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate recreational experience for children of all ages.

  • Garden Furniture DIVISION

    Garden Furniture DIVISION

    Our specialised Garden Division is amongst the foremost lawn and garden equipment merchandising companies operating within the UAE.

  • Chemical Blending DIVISION

    Chemical Blending DIVISION

    Working in conjunction with Chela Ltd UK, our Chemical Blending Division offers a multiplicity of innovative, high performance, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to a myriad of industries across the Middle East.

  • Sealing Devices DIVISION

    Sealing Devices DIVISION

    Our Sealing Devices Division is the leading supplier of UNISPEC products, covering a multitude of sealing and maintenance tasks, including packing solutions, gasketing materials and industrial cleaning products, across the UAE.

  • Solid Tyres DIVISION

    Solid Tyres DIVISION

    In partnership with Watts Tyre Group, UK our Solid Tyre Division is dedicated to serving the material handling and forklift truck markets of the Middle East.

  • Firefighting & Emergency Services

    Firefighting & Emergency Services

    Our Firefighting & Emergency Services Division is currently the largest supplier of firefighting, emergency and first responder products in the UAE. We only deal with the best, and offer the finest quality of fire and emergency equipment to our clients.

  • Aviation Fuel Handling, Testing, & Allied Equipment

    Aviation Fuel Handling, Testing, & Allied Equipment

    Our Aviation Fuel Handling, Testing, & Allied Equipment division, is the UAE's leading aircraft refuelling, testing, fuel handling and support solutions provider.